As souls we are always free

Someone wrote as a commentary on the death of Georg H W Bush by quoting Clarence Darrow:

I've never killed a man, but I've read many obituaries with great pleasure.

And I must be totally honest, that I agree with the above. When a psychopath who has caused so much suffering passes, you initially rejoice.

You only wish that psychopath didn't have to exist in the first place, and hadn't been able to cause all the misery that was caused.

And then you realise that in the wake of the passing of this one, there will still be ten others of the same ilk.

Also beneath this initial feeling of "good riddance!" the insight that everything is lessons, that there is a duality relationship between good and evil, "karma is a bitch" and souls incarnate to learn and to teach (that is if you have a soul, the anatomical construct of the chess board of spiritual existence indeed contains a great variety of game pieces).

There will probably always be psychopaths and people who serve them. We have these people all around us on a daily basis.

And we may even ourselves have served one at one point in our present incarnation. Or perhaps we even are one, or was born with the tendencies.

So long as the need for these lessons exists, injustice, pain, suffering, and what have you, will exist.

Until an enough amount of souls in their present incarnations realise that each and everyone of us jointly construct the society we live in. And to help these psychopaths and other dark spirited people, in their spiritual learning endeavours, we should not be acknowledging their power.

That power is merely a thought construct, created by the psychopath and those serving him/her, and projected upon the rest of us, to make us believe in the illusion.

That is one of our lessons to understand this.

Spiritually we're not in prison, nor are we imprisoned.

As souls we are always free.


Thank You!

9 Oct 2019