Shared Reflections From A Meditation

I pronounced gratefulness for this moment in life, which is the only moment I have. I know of no other moment, than this moment.

Then I could suddenly hear a distinct inner voice telling me:

- "Every moment is your moment. It's entirely your life, and whatever moment there is, is yours, and yours only. Nobody can take this moment away from you."

I thanked for this additional feedback.

Also sharing this as a written down memento:

- "Everything is connected. And you are in connection with everything just as everything is connected with you. You are everything, and everything is you.

In every living moment you are changing.

And in every little change, in every little moment, there is a gift.

And it is entirely up to you how you appreciate this gift.

No matter the content when unwrapped, you decide if it's something you should keep or if it is something to discard.

Whatever you do, and however you go about it, change is granted you."

Thank You!


30 Dec 2019