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It just occurred to me that many people are actually afraid to heal because their entire identity is centered around the trauma they've experienced. They have no idea who they are outside of trauma and that unknown can be terrifying (

In General

All communications are currently kept over encrypted e-mail (on my end), Protonmail, or some encrypted chat service such as Telegram. In Sweden I also offer phone counselling. For the moment being, I am not able to offer the phone service outside of Sweden.

If you are suicidal or suffering from any serious disease which you have not approached a medical doctor or psychiatrist to treat, you are advised to do this. I am not allowed by worldly powers to treat, or give counselling, in these instances.

Pricing is not easy to do for these kind of services. With distant healing you are not paying for the healing itself, but for my time. And I try to do a price estimate the first time when you get in touch with me, in order for you to know how much the service will be. I will not charge you more than this estimate. Also, in some cases, I need to make preparations before and sometimes after, a session. With the Life Path counselling you are paying for the service and Devil's Advocate I charge by donation. All shamanic services require proper preparation.

Shamanic Distant Healing

Price: depending a lot on what kind of help you need. Usually I offer one session - the first - for free, for the client to experience the distance healing and get used to it. Some people find healing at a distance, which is a non-physical treatment, with me here and you wherever you are in the world, maybe a bit hard to grasp. Nevertheless they want to give it a try. And I am often willing to offer this try for free. Also because the first session is often showing the willingness of the client to heal, and may give a hint at how many session may be needed. Depending on how well the client responds to the first try, the first four sessions (if more than three is required), the free session not included, will come at SEK2900. That's SEK725 per session. If more than four sessions are needed, the fifth session and beyond, will be SEK650 per session.

If you only want one session at a time, I charge SEK800 for each session.

In complex, time consuming, cases I will inform the client if the price will differ from the above, and also explain why I consider it a complex case.

A distant healing session in combination with a drum journey which takes some 3,5 hours. The price for this one is SEK2600.

I also offer a drum journey over the phone. Since it can take up to four hours, including discussions and analyses during the session, the price for this is SEK3100. Please contact me for further information.

Remember that consultations, follow-ups and analyses are included in the price in all treatments! If you would like a session follow-up over the phone, rather than in the form of e-mail, that is SEK300.

Before each session we settle a day and time for it (checking any time difference which may exist). If there is something in particular I would like you to be aware of during the session, I will tell you so. After the session you will write to me to describe your experience, and I will give feedback. And if needed we will settle a new date and time for a next session.

You can also choose a distance healing session for someone else, but I need to know the outspoken consent of this person. I do not do healing sessions for people not having given their outspoken consent or somebody not being aware of it. Also because we need to agree on the times for each session.

If the healing is for somebody else, then I just need their names. Even just the name of a pet is enough. That's all I need. Nothing else. Please, do not send me photos or anything else!

If the person in question is in a coma, or a child, or an animal, or in any other way in such a condition that a proper consent cannot be given, I only need consent from the nearest of kin.

Since I have been doing this for more than twenty years, I have an extensive experience of doing remote sessions with people and animals in all sorts of life circumstances.

I normally prefer not even to have any details of the health condition or to know the reason why the healing is wished for, because the healing will be working in just the right areas needed. And the right areas needed, may be areas you are not previously consciously aware of. The best way for you to interact with the healing is to have "a blank mind" and try to "shut off your thinking". Just relax and welcome your healing!

Of course, I am not preventing anyone from giving details about health conditions, but this is not necessary. Sometimes, for some people, the healing begins with the opportunity to share your story with somebody.

I work according to an absolute word of silence. Nobody else will know or be told about the things we discuss, or details about your process. It may happen I might ask you if I can publish your testimony in my site, where you do not have to reveal your name.

I am working from an entirely Service To Others perspective, meaning I only support that which is promoting physical and mental healing on the highest level of consciousness of the client.

Also meaning that the way I work, I do not direct or will not tell you things which are not promoting you. Usually the healing will make you experience and feel for yourself, without me having to be pointing things out.

A healer is not someone you go to for healing. A healer is someone who helps you to find the key within you, for your own ability to heal.

- Quote of unknown origin

However, sometimes it turns out I "see" and experience details or things which is beneficial for the client to know, and at those times I forward my impressions.

The session is all about promoting and awakening your own spiritual, physical and mental powers and abilities, and I am only working as a conduit, a trigger.

I also promote the revelation of the shadow side of the client since it's very common that ailments and bad health actually have as a source the shunning and avoidance of acknowledging your dark side. To achieve balance you need to understand and embrace all sides of you as a part of your lessons as a souled being.

Be sure to have at least one hour (preferably two) set aside for the session. Even if I end my part of the session earlier, the effect of the healing may keep you "busy" for more than an hour.

Be sure not to be disturbed during the session. This is essential! Keep house animals, family, cellphones out of the session and make sure this is a moment where focus is all on you and nothing and nobody else but you.

It is beneficial if before the healing you say a prayer, one you normally say, and add that which you want the healing to help you out with. You are not to share this with me. You do not need to use a prayer if you are not used to praying. Saying, but feeling the words in your heart, "I want this healing to..." will suffice. This is to open yourself to the healing.

Or just creating the feeling of gratitude in your heart and trying to keep this feeling throughout the session will also suffice. Formulating your intention and feeling a sense of gratitude in your heart are important factors in all shamanic work.

My healing has no religious source and it does not matter to the healing what religion you yourself confess to. I have always used the Archangel Michael for protection. We're all part of the Archangel energies, whatever we like to call them. To me personally this has nothing to do with any religious belief. It is just a matter of being conscious about this and thus be able to tap into these different "archangel frequencies".

Devil's Advocate

Price: By donation. When I communicate and give my reflections I often take the stance of a devil's advocate. If you only want my sincere meaning on any issue, I will give it. If you do not want my straightforward opinion, then I am not the shaman for you, because I will always give my honest opinion in matters. The exception is when I am being told by The Higher You (universe) not to, because it may interfere with your soul lessons. I find the role of being a devil's advocate beneficial, as it often throws the client out if his or her comfort zone. And this may trigger useful processes within.

Life Path Counselling

Together we will penetrate and illuminate the issue at hand. For a two-hour counselling over the phone I charge SEK1600. I will currently only offer counselling over e-mail, or similar, such as Telegram, outside of Sweden. For that service I charge SEK1000. Other prices may apply depending on the nature of the service.

Past Lives Exploration

One, or several distant sessions where I help you trigger and bring forward soul memories of your incarnations. The aim is for you to have the experience. I am merely the conduit. Price: SEK600 per session. One session can last for up to two hours.

Meet Ancestors, Family And Loved Ones

This distant service helps enhancing your connection with Spirit. Either meet and welcome random spirits, or state whom you would like to meet. From experience this service may take two sessions, one preparatory to open the channel for you, and a next session to make the actual meeting happen. In rare cases more than three sessions may be needed, but there has been clients opening up and connecting with a loved one in Spirit on the first session. Price: SEK400 per session

Other Services

No client and no case is similar, souled beings are complex in nature, so setting a price for a service is difficult. I will do my best to give a price beforehand. No surprises and "extended fees". I want an honest and open exchange and communication with my clients. Accordingly my pricing is honest and open. If I state a price, that is what you will pay, even if it turns out to be a bigger case than first thought. Only if you change the nature of the service you need, there will be a new pricing. But I will consult you before on the price, if the nature of the service has to change.

Do write to ask me if I can provide any particular service. I am experienced, know a lot and have many skills, and will not list them all here. You can always write to ask me! And I have trusted friends and acquaintances who are shamans, and others who are professionals in their field of expertise, to whom I can refer you, if what you are seeking help with seems to be beyond my realm of expertise.

Payment & Donations

All payments for shamanic services, tools and products are done at Seidmann Shamanic Shop, with PayPal (Sweden and World-Wide) or Swish (only in Sweden), or by agreement. Invoice may be given upon request. This firm is officially registered but not yet eligible for VAT.

I do accept donations (also possible at Seidmann Shamanic Shop): 


Current pricing updated 23.04.2020

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