On Thought Creations, Tulpas

Perhaps it is because my shaman teacher is a spirit that I do not always have a "proper" terminology to label my work. But I was well taught in the practical methodology, and in how this illusion we're currently in works, as well as the nature of reality. Most of the studies I have been doing has more been of the nature of reminding myself, to stir and trigger knowledge I already have, and my teacher has supported me in this process. Because one loses memory when born into this realm. Anyway, I keep stumbling across descriptions of what I have been taught, and reminded myself of, in the writings of other people. People who knows the name, the terminology, of that what I am doing, and what to call it.

Now, words are words, they are part of the illusion. What is more important is what to do with the knowledge beneath what these words are describing on the surface. As a shaman my approach is always hands-on, and not theoretical.

As long as theory cannot be transformed into practice, it may be considered illusion. Nothing beats practice. You learn so much from hands-on experiences.

The more one learns about reality, the more one understands society, and what occurs. Because everything which occurs in our lives, in society, has a spiritual core, a spiritual foundation. My definition of "reality" - how to define "reality"? - is that reality mainly consists of that which we are not conscious of, that which we are not aware of, that which is hidden to us. And the reasons why it is hidden to us, may be many and various, but always connected with our soul lessons.

And by remembering, we are bringing reality into this illusion, thus helping this realm to evolve and transform.

When we were born into this life, as souls, the first thing we become aware of is that this is an illusion, whether we physically opened our eyes to it or not. Reality is what is within. Reality is what cannot be altered, that is the natural laws of the Universe aka The Cosmic Mind aka God aka Our Higher Selves, Illusion is what is without.

Right now, in the present times, the illusion at hand is a demonic one, one of the Service To Self frequency. This illusion is about to be transformed for a great number of souls, because evolution is a natural law. Transformation and change is the status quo of the universe, if you will.

All of existence consists of duality, that is dark and light polarity, which goes by many names: Yin and Yang, Service To Self, Service To Others and more, dark and light polarity.

Dark polarity always try to create sub-universes based on illusions, because illusion is the only way to glue together existence and not have it disintegrate into the real universe, into reality. Basically we are now incarnated in the illusion constructed from thought creations, thought forms. These are for instance wishful thinking, wants, urges, negative expressions, aligned in frequency with the lower chakras and the glue of the fabric of the constructed tapestry of this realm. The creator, or creators, are those who think they are God, who does not acknowledge God, their own creator. Because, how can pure ego, refined self-service, acknowledge that there is anything else, more superior to it?

We are living in such a sub-universe, which is a demonic illusion. An illusion which has reached its best-before-date, and is now set to expire. They know this, but in the usual arrogant manner, they will try to save their illusion, clutching to clay and straws. It is a Grand Lesson of The Soul to all of us. And since we're here, no denying that we aren't, we've chosen this lesson. But it is the demonic forces, the dark polarity in its purest form, and the sparks of dark polarity which is in all of us, which is up for a great educative moment designed as a Grand Tutorial by the universe, by God.

As souls we are multidimensional beings, and when we use the eyes we were born with in this incarnation, to see, we only see that which is on the surface, the illusion. But most cannot see, do not want to see, or are keeping themselves from seeing, or are being kept from seeing, what is beneath this illusion, because what is beneath must be felt, experienced and seen with our inner eye, and with our senses. And that is what a shaman is there to support with, to help in making reality visible.

To see what seems not to be there, what's beneath the surface, within and without, is what we have to learn, and to embrace the lessons in connection with this revelatory process.

The spirituality of the dark polarity has its own "love" and "light". That love and light may on the surface appear exactly as the love and light of the light polarity. But beneath the "we" of the love of the dark polarity, there is always an "I", while there is nothing else beneath the "we" of the love of the light polarity. It is what you see. It is pure. What you see is what you get. There is no deception, no "I" hiding, lurking. Also the "light" of the dark polarity is an illusion. When you penetrate this light, you will soon find there is something else there. The light of the light polarity is pure. There is nothing else. No pretension. No secrets.

Remember the word "mystery", which in fact only means that which we consciously don't really know, that which we cannot really explain in words, because it cannot be explained nor described. A mystery has to be experienced to become tangible and real. And this experience in itself is explanatory and descriptive, and makes sense in its own right, to the individual to whom this mystery is revealed.

Excuse me for sidetracking, but felt I needed to give a little background to offer my perception of our existence here. Let's go back to these "Tulpas", a name I never heard of, first time I came across this notion was in the site of Gigi Young. What a "Tulpa" describes, however, is very familiar to me. In what I have learnt about demonic energies, they can actually also be created from thoughts, in the manner described in the quote below by Gigi Young.


From "What Is a Soulless Being Or Person?" - Gigi Young

Tulpas vs. the Loss of Spiritual Connection

When it comes to soulless beings we also must address another form of life that is technically soulless: Tulpas.  Tulpas are astral forms that are created through ones mind. Thoughts are things. Literally. Most of the time our thoughts simply dance across the astral in colourful wisps, a passing reflection of our inner-world. However, with practice and an understanding of magick we come to see that we can actually create a specific thought form. We can create a creature made of our own mental energy that actually exists in the astral plane. Over time we can actually feed this creature life force and it will become stronger. These beings can, and do, interact with out third dimension. They have a form and personality, but because they did not go through the process of descension from the God-Head, they do not have a soul, as we do.


Over time, when perpetually fed the repetitive pattern of the same energy frequency, this kind of thought form becomes so strong, as if living a life of its own, thus to be considered a demonic entity in its own right. It may then also often attract souled disincarnates of the same frequency, or joining other similar forces of energy vibration, not necessarily souled.

And when hijacked by such an entity, the urgency of coming to grips with the very source of the feeding, must be addressed. And this lies in the psychology of the client. It can also be of karmic origin, that is its source is not to be found directly in this incarnation. But there may also be other circumstances. Everything is soul lessons.

I have encountered this kind of demonic energy in clients.

And this is an important reason why I spend a lot of time in my work to focus on the psychology of the client. Because, even if a demonic influence can be removed, the underlying behavioural pattern, the reason why it's there in the first place, must be explored and ascertained. A possession can reoccur if the reason for its existence is not properly dealt with. But there can be major soul lessons connected with this, which in some cases may take a client a long time to explore and fully understand.

And because my approach is Service To Others, I am not always allowed to interfere with the soul lessons of a client, if it is a lesson the client must be going through to obtain important experiences and knowledge. There have been cases where I was not allowed by the client's higher self to remove a demonic attachment, because the attachment contained a crucial soul lesson. I am not allowed to deprive anyone of their lessons. In those cases I must choose a different approach to support the client, depending on the circumstances at hand.

In general a demonic entity is fed by keeping the energy frequency constant. That's why to dark polarity status quo is important. Their wished for status quo implies non-change, spiritual non-transformation, and a conditioned spiritual evolution which does not embrace the unconditioned love of God, because it rejects its own creator, believing itself to be God. It believes itself to be The God.

If a client is evolving spiritually, or maturing as a human being, or transforming on some level of existence, the energy transmission which the demonic entity is feeding off also changes. To a certain extent demonic entities may adapt to such internap changes of a human being. But should they allow themselves to change along with the energy frequency of the client, all the way through, the demon too must evolve and transform. And that they do not wish. They do not wish to change. That is not their raison d'être.

The goal of the demonic entity is always to increase its "smorgasbord" of the negative variety. It can be sex too! Everything connected with the lower chakras will do just fine! Yummy! But if the food source diminishes the entity gets into trouble and malnourishment. And this is a crucial moment for the person being possessed, because when the demonic entity is trying to keep the status quo, because it does not want to stop being fed what it desires, it may go to extremes in order to stall the evolution, the transformative process, or the peace, of a client.

When soul change is inevitable in a client, the feeding will lessen, or cease, and the demon will become weaker, until it must let go and leave. Not saying it will not try to find a reason to repossess again, because these are psychopathic energies after all, so they often linger on for some time to watch for a new opportunity of being fed with its favourite negative energy. And if they can provoke in order to get the desired energy frequencies produced, they will certainly do this.

With Tulpas, as seemingly independent thought creations of energy, if the negative thought creation has not grown very strong, the feeding of it will stop, and it will cease to exist, when a client is working with self-knowledge and consciously practising gained insights by adjusting to the change these insights is calling for. If the Tulpa is strong, and well nourished, it will take some time for the client to work through the elimination of the thought form.

If other entities has attached to the Tulpa, the client's conscious work with self-knowledge, will make the Tulpa diminish, thus also diminishing food for those attached entities. Sometimes they will leave voluntarily, sometimes more work conscious self-work must be done. And sometimes an exorcist is needed to support in the energy bond severing.

The first thing my shaman teacher did, when I had accepted to be trained by him, after I had assured myself that he was of a Service To Others orientation, was to point to the fact that I was possessed by a demon, which I had pledged allegiance to in another incarnation. Because I had, in that incarnation, used my free will to enter into a collaboration with this demon. It didn't matter that I then had died physically. The energy bond was still there, and it had followed me from incarnation to incarnation. What demons do not really get, because most often they are not motivated to learn outside of their scope of self-interest, is that a soul evolves. That's the natural state of a soul. Even if a demon is attached and stalling the transformation of a soul, there will come a moment when you as a soul have outgrown the demonic bond. And this is a crucial moment for both parties.

There is much to be said about this, but I will suffice it to say, that in my case, my teacher pointed to this demon having an energy bond with me as a soul, a bond that I was completely oblivious to. And as he did this, it was as if he triggered my memories, because I then realised the nature of this bond, and that it was really there. Suddenly I could also see a pattern all through my life in this incarnation, up to that point, in how I had been by-passing, on a subconscious level, the influence of this demonic energy bond. Because in effect I, as a soul, had outgrown this bond, thus didn't acknowledge it anylonger. I could also see how this influence, albeit weak, had manifested.

This was a typical example of when you as a soul outgrow an energy bond made in another incarnation of yours. The demon was still there, but too weakly connected to have a real influence, an influence I really wasn't conscious about before my shaman teacher pointed it out to me.

My teacher showed me how I would never be a fully free soul again until I had ridden myself of this bond, and all what it entailed, the soul lessons connected, things which I was quite unaware of at the time. Because in practice this bond tainted everything about my existence in ways I wasn't really conscious about, and actually also distorted my perception to some degree.

But to exorcise this demon in a proper way, that is in a way where I could learn from the experience, and draw important conclusions in this shamanic tutorial, I had to go back to the incarnation when the bond was established, and to face the demon in that context, and tell it to its face that I now used my free will to opt out of this allegiance once made.

The demon appeared and spoke through me aloud, using my vocal cords, and using the argument that I had given my free will away, and there was no way to get it back. The demon tried to convince me that if I had once entered an agreement, there was no way to break it, or to opt out.

This is what they always do, their modus operandi, when they know they are about to lose control. If, in that moment, they can make you to consciously, but yet unknowingly, enter a new agreement, even if under the disguise of an argument of this being the old agreement, you are stuck with them for yet a while, until you have figured it out.

With this one I was adamant, and told it that free will can in no circumstances be given away, and that it should know better than try to lecture me on the natural laws, the spiritual laws, of the universe, of God. My free will belongs to me, and if I choose to opt out of an agreement I made in another incarnation, I was completely in my right to do so.

The demon then began speaking at length in an authoritative way. The interesting thing is it spoke in a language which I in this incarnation have never heard, but in that moment identified as a canonic and secret language among the clergy in ancient Egypt. I understood every word of it. I didn't like this language, it's frequency, and I recall reflecting on it as "the language of evil". This was the language the priests at that time used when addressing the gods, who of course were, and still are, demons. The same gods, or demons, are worshipped to this very day.

So I brutally interrupted, because I knew that if I gave enough attention to the words, I might fall for it by way of becoming weak. With a steady voice and centering my attention to my own heart area, I talked back and to my surprise I could hear myself speaking this very language that I really didn't know, at least not from this incarnation. Considering I was speaking in a language I currently have no knowledge of, I knew perfectly well what I was saying. I asked the demon to leave, and never to come back. I had to adamantly and consistently ask it to leave several times and use all my soul power in the process of doing this.

Suddenly I could feel the release in all of my being, but particularly from the lower chakras, when the energy bond was broken by will of the demon leaving. And after a short while I was completely delivered from this entity.

I must admit that earlier in this life ancient Egypt fascinated me. Then inner evolution happened and on several occasions soul memories in me were triggered where I saw, and experienced, very distinctly, my own incarnations directly connected with the cultures and people in, and adjacemt to, ancient Egypt.

This purgative process which went on in phases for several decades, along with my active work of consciousness development, cleansed the dark polar part of me as a soul, brought these dark incarnations to the surface, laid them bare, had me look and feel the person I was in those incarnations, as opposed to the one I am now.

Because of these experiences, I know how dark those times were, how demons were overtly worshipped as gods, how particularly high priests in those times were directly subordinated these "higher beings", and the atrocities committed in the name of these "gods".

Many of these demons are now trying to expand their powers again, because their powers are waning, getting faint, and rightly so. These demons need to evolve, just like everything else in this creation.

I can tell you a lot about the mindset of a demon worshipping psychopath in those days, because I was one of them. It was part of my soul lessons to study control in the context of love, and that is a very dark study. The karmic soul trauma these dark soul lessons took on, I then had to work through in many, many incarnations to follow, of which I in this life have activated memories of many of them, as frames of reference for the lessons of this incarnation. I could write a lot about this, but in this context on ancient Egypt, after having revisited some crucial soul experiences of those days, I am not fascinated by ancient Egypt anylonger. When I see hieroglyphs, I see them as the symbols of evil, because it was the language of the gods, and they were demons. When I see artifacts, pyramids, mural paintings, I see reflections of a very psychopathic society of which I was an active creator and contributor in those times.

Much of the evil we see today, has its roots in those ancient times. On many occasions have I reflected on how karma works, when in one incarnation you are the co-creator of evil, and in another incarnation (in my case this very one) you are actively and consciously to confront and "fight" that very evil, which you once were the co-creator of. The universe, the cosmic mind, really is a blessed place where you get to go through all these soul transformations in order to evolve, to give help and support to others in their evolution, and to be directly responsible for the imbalance you have caused, thus responsible to put things right again. I call the dark polarity lessons for soul trauma, because you cause trauma not only to yourself as a soul, but also to other souled beings.

I have met, in this incarnation, many of the souls I collaborated with in those dark incarnations. Some are trying hard to evolve out of their dark lessons. Some have like myself managed to do that and have integrated the soul lessons, understood them, thus able to understand the soul-psychology of psychopathy we see in the world of this present time, and how it plays out.

I end this little personal side-reflection, which I am happy to share, with answering the question "why did you choose such dark soul lessons,?" Well, to make a long story short, life as we all know it in this incarnation is not the beginning, nor is it the end. It is the illusion where we in earnest study to gain knowledge, in order to put things in balance, where we were causing imbalance.

It is just that these lessons go on for as long as we are an individual consciousness, also in between incarnations. We are unique individual consciousnesses of the universe, still we're one with the universal consciousness, the cosmic mind, God. When we die and leave this illusion, our lessons go on in the next state of existence.

To put it bluntly: I was, still am, a Service To Others guide, just like the spirit guides helping us in this incarnation. But my love and concern for the ones I was there support, became a tad too controlling. You are not to execute control in a Service To Others state, and this was causing imbalance, so I chose to enter into the reincarnation cycle again, with the sole purpose of studying love vs control.

And to do this, one must study the dark polarity, the Service To Self. This universe, or university if you like, is indeed a dual one. This is in short why I chose to reincarnate.

In the shamanic context I, of course, learnt a lot from my own hands-on experience. For instance, never ever talk back to these kind of entities. Don't give the attention, because attention is energy, and energy is a hook. Do not even care to listen to what they are saying, because listening is attention, and attention is energy. If you choose to listen, you must be careful to be sure of your intention, the reason why you choose to listen, because your conscious intention makes a difference in how the energy you transmit by giving attention, may be used by dark forces. Attention, and the wrong kind of intention, works as a hook for them to linger on. Just do your shamanic exorcism, and go about with what you must do.

I only do exorcisms at a distance, that is a client may geographically be some place else in the world, and I have learnt excellent techniques for this distant work, which work very well for me.

To have your own personal experiences as a frame of reference is of the highest value in my line of work when helping and supporting clients. And in my shamanic training I have been turning myself inside out several times in order to learn who I am as a soul, as a human being, my path, my blind spots, my lessons, well, everything about me. It has been a painful process at times, but a process everyone should actively and consciously practise, the work of self-knowledge on all levels. That's why we are here. That's why we incarnated. We are here for our soul lessons, because everything is lessons. That's all there is.

It does not mean that I am now a perfect human being, because there is no such thing as a perfect human being. It simply does not exist. It is pure wishful thinking to believe in such a concept. But one may not use one's fallibility and flaws as an excuse not to be evolving as a soul. In our imperfections we are perfect! From the point of view of God, we are always being loved for who we are, thus perfect. I am a very conscious human being, and conscientious shamanic practitioner because of this. And I am still learning, because there is a lot to learn in, and about, this universe.

The lessons never cease.

Thoughts are live, creative energy. Consider this.

Also consider that intention is everything. What's in your heart defines you, and your lessons.

Thank You!

7 Feb 2021

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