On Soul Programming

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I enjoy taking part of what others share about their life experiences, thus I also have no problem sharing those of my own life. We learn from each other by sharing our experiences.

In shamanic work intention is of great importance. I would go so far as to state that without intention, shamanic work can not be conducted in a proper way, if at all.

Translated to life at large, intention is always there in one way or other. Our lives are reflecting the intentions of our subsconscious as well as that intention we are fully conscious of.

I am the kind of shaman who doesn't need psychedelics or anything to get into an altered state of mind to envision. The drum is sufficient and myself, often in the company of spirits, my guides, power and protection animals spirits. And of course my Shamanic teacher who doesn't think I should be calling him a teacher anymore. He is one of my closest spirit guides.

Otherwise I only drink coffee and ordinary tea, no alcohol and I don't even smoke (I would if I could find organic tobacco – raw, organic tobacco is a shamanic medicine). And I never ever in life tried any of the common psychedelics which many people have tried. It's never been tempting for me to even experiment with.

At times, for special purposes, I use Amazonian shamanic medicines like rapeh snuff, Sananga drops and Ayahuasca. And I have taken Bufo Alvarius on many occasions too. They've all been contributing to my shamanic process.

When interacting with these medicines my intention is N-E-V-E-R for the effect. It is to learn and to study, to welcome the wisdom these medicines carry, and be grateful for their sharing their knowledge with me, the very Oneness they convey in their spirit.

In this context I may add that many tend to confuse romantic love feelings with this feeling of universal love, and they are two different things, where different components are involved. I must say that gratitude, the feeling of gratitude in one's heart, is to me more similar, if not the very same, as the feeling of love in the universal sense, as opposed to the romantic kind where also other facets of emotions are involved. Gratitude is pure, and so is universal love. At least that's my experience.

I make my own Ayahuasca. I don't consider Ayahuasca a psychedelic, because of its properties as a shamanic medicine, even if it is commonly called a psychedelic. I would summarise the properties of Ayahuasca as enhancing your senses, every single one of them in various degrees! Because of your senses becoming enhanced you may also get in touch with aspects of yourself, and those of the universe, which you in your normal and not-so-enhanced-state would never, or rarely, get in touch with. Ayahuasca also have a wide variety of mental and physical health benefits.

You also won't find any mushrooms at my place other than Chaga mushroom, which is a shamanic medicine with no psychedelic properties, yet carries inherent wisdom if one bothers to listen. All parts of nature carries wisdom if one listens.

And, no, I never tried Amenita to learn about its wisdom. Perhaps I will try this medicine one day, who knows.

One of the Ayahuasca sessions I did earlier this year, really offered me a big surpirse. For my intention in that particular toma, I asked to be shown blockages within me, affecting me, and which I wasn't consciously aware of. I also asked that if there were these kind of blockages that I should also be given the opportunity to be working through and purge myself of them.

And was I in for a very big surprise...!?

What happened in this Ayahuasca sesson was that, suddenly, two of those popularly called "greys" were standing on each side of my feet. And a third one approached me from the right and stopped a metre from my face. I began speaking from my heart to that particular one:

- "Why is it you're always so ugly looking? Is it because you barely have a soul and no heart? I feel pity for you because you're so lost in doing what you're doing, not having a clue how souls are working, their anatomy, how you're stuck and won't expand your awareness or being, and how you're working not for the benefit of others but only to serve yourselves and your wicked ideas about the Universe."

As I spoke the third one was moving closer until my mind turned all black. Ayahuasca then began speaking to me in the instant my mind went black:

- "Now, breathe through this, it's important!"

So I began breathing, making use of a cleansing breathing technique I've learnt. I breathed and cleansed, breathed and cleansed and gradually the darkness turned lighter, until there was only light and no darkness!

When all was light again with no black spots, I suddenly knew:

- "OMG! I'm not homosexual anylonger! I'm heterosexual and always was! But I'm asexually heterosexual. And they, the masters of the greys (the reptilians) did the programming to me as a soul!"

And I instantly knew on what occasion this had been done. There was an instance in the beginning of the 2000s which came to mind. [you can read about that experience here]. And I knew why they're doing this kind of soul programming. It's all about control and manipulation. There are few things so manipulative as sex. And focusing on your sexuality hampers your spiritual awareness to expand further. And they need you as a soul for their own benefit. They need you in your hampered state for their own genetical experiments and purposes.

I still have the memory of having been homosexual, because I was for so many years (I was first bisexual for many years), but in essence I am heterosexual, albeit in an asexual way.

So that was the blockage Ayahuasca brought into light, a blockage that I didn't know even existed.

However, I have learnt for a long time that these beings are using us for their own purposes, whenever they can. Because I have also met them in clients and in other Ayahuasca tomas too, but always "purged" them for clients and chased them away.

Since we're all One, they too are One, and they are representatives of the negative aspect in the duality of this Oneness. And they're paying Service To Self. There is nothing Service To Others about them.

Everything is aspects in this duality of light and darkness, and when interacting with any of these aspects in others you're interacting with the same side in yourself because of this Oneness. all according to the nature of your soul lessons.

Anyway, after this deep purging of this soul programming, I was really feeling liberated, in a way I could never have imagined before.

It was a true and deep feeling of having gained true Freedom.

I’m sharing this, because in my shamanic work I long realised we interact and are interacted with, forces, beings and energies, which we are often not consciously aware of.

Yet, they are there. And it’s up to us in the lessons we are here to study as incarnated souled beings, to become consciously aware of, and awake to, these interactions and how they affect us, and how we affect them.

They are part of our lessons, and we are part of theirs.

Thank You!

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30 Dec 2019