My Thoughts On 'New Age'

Why is it that the New Age ideology was created? What was the intention of spreading this spiritual teaching?

First, what characterizes this ideology?

New Age focuses on "love" and "light". You are to believe that if you focus on love, all you get is love in return. If you radiate love, you receive love. You get what you radiate. The bad stuff inside of you, and outside of you, will simply disappear, as if by magic. If only your intention is love.

If when focussing on love, you get in touch with negativity, just bypass it, surpress it, and focus on strengthening that love, to eradicate negativity even more. If you only get more negativity, despite your being loving, there must be something wrong with you. You are not pure! How can there be negativity inside of you, and outside of you, when you are consiously radiating so much love? Simply shun the negativity. Negativity is bad for you. Only do what keeps you in the love frequency.

Also profess to a divine light. That is the good light. This is the light of love. Shun the dark, because dark equals negativity which is bad. Live in the love frequency, and stick to what is light!

The above may seem like a caricature, but is the essence of New Age teachings.

What this teaching is designated not to do, is to support you in understanding negativity, its origin, its reason. In other words: it teaches you not to understand the nature of evil. And when you are not consciously looking at the dark side of yourself, in order to understand, process, and heal that side, and come to terms with whatever it is you must learn to come to terms with, you become spiritually handicapped.

And if you have used your free will to choose to become spiritually handicapped, you will have a lot of blind, unknown, spots inside of you. And these dark spots are the territory where demonic forces gain control, feeding off fear, anger, sadness and all the various negativity you never touched, thus never processed, because "luv'n'lite".

It is basically a teaching made by darkness, to teach you to avoid looking at it, in order for it not to be exposed. It teaches you to shun darkness, not to confront it in yourself. It teaches spiritual superficiality, to make you - and keep you! - afraid of darkness, of the unknown, inside of you and outside of you, thus allowing it the status quo.

When you do not know your own negativity, its origin, its mechanisms, when you are shunning your own inner darkness, by bypassing it with "luv'n'lite", you are avoiding your soul lessons, the karmic lessons which brought you to incarnate here in the first place.

When you are avoiding self-knowledge, you stall your evolution as a soul. You do not transform, or you transform poorly.

You chose this yourself, using your very own free will, smugly given the tools by darkness itself.

And is this the perfect state for demonic forces to get the better of you!? You betcha.

You virtually become aligned with a luciferian false love and false light. It is the true Service To Self frequency.

Can you see now how this has long been groomed upon us, to accomplish the changing of our soul frequency, to be aligned with that of the demonic?

To covertly prepare us for all that is now happening on a spiritual level in our realm, our world?

It is much easier to be in control, when the one whom you are in control of, voluntarily uses free will to become spiritually ignorant.

.. and mission accomplished!

Please, do not allow yourself the inner status quo where darkness thrives. To put it bluntly: demonic forces use your own unawareness of yourself, to host them, and to influence you.

Spiritual ignorance keeps them alive and thriving. And they fan this ignorance to keep the status quo which suits them, but corrupts you.

To be willing to voluntarily stall one's evolution and soul transformation by actively using one's free will to align oneself with the false love and the false light, well, that is a great lesson of spiritual ignorance to those who does.

Many choose this voluntarily, because of ego.

Many more are fooled into choosing this luciferian frequency. They can be awakened to it, and actively choose otherwise.

Free will cannot be given away. It can never ever be. Your free will is yours, and yours only, to use freely.

If you are told otherwise, this is an attempt at spiritually dominating you. It is an illusion.

Thank You! 

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