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I live in a small village in Jamtland, Mid-Scandinavia, right in the wilderness, close to the Norwegian border and the Scandinavian mountain range. I have been working with distance healing since the late 1990s, in a shamanic manner. "Shamanic" means going deep, to stir and make conscious that which presently is resting in unawareness, thus not conscious. And to reveal the root cause of a problem. I help you to lay open that which you may not be consciously aware of.

I took the shamanic mannerism one step further, and nowadays I am a trained and initiated shaman, "seidmann", in my native language. My shamanic name given to me by my shaman teacher is "Améká", which doesn't mean anything in particular. It is just a name reflecting the vibration, the energy frequency, of me as an incarnated soul, as a human being. I do have a second shamanic name given to me, which I am not to make public. That name is reflecting the energy frequency of me as a soul. And the two names together make up the vibrational frequency of that which is me as a whole, in this existential consciousness.

My shaman specialty is soul work, "the anatomy of the soul", as it were, Life Path counselling, and demonic forces.

I am not working according to a religion or fixed belief system.

I work according to Service To Others, meaning I only help if asked. I do not involve my ego in the healing. As opposed to Service To Self, where the ego is involved, I do not do spells, magick or wishful thinking. I cannot take on requests on behalf of others if they have not themselves explicitly expressed a wish to become healed or helped. Exceptions are animals, children and people very ill, who are not able to communicate themselves. However, a wish of - for instance - a family member for healing of a relative dear to them, may not always concord with the higher purpose of the person in question, and his or hers soul lessons. I also cannot interfere with your soul lessons, meaning I am not always able to help in resolving a problem if you're meant to work on resolving it yourself and learn from it. But in those instances I can be your "devil's advocate" and help mirroring you and your problem, whether you initially perceive it as physical or mental or not.

You ate loved for who you are

You are protected for who you are

I take your darkness, leaving your light

I dissolve this darkness for you

I serve you

Thank You!

Most often the problem you perceive is not the actual root cause of a problem, so I would kindly ask of you not to have a preconceived mindset about the nature of your problem.

I am no-nonsense and straightforward in my communication.

Also I am not doing this for fun, even if everything in life is lessons and learning is fun! Some people have no idea what it takes to become a shaman, and think it is just a quick-fix title to be showing off. I am a professional with more than twenty years of experience in the field. The distance healing I offer sometimes may indeed be working as a quick-fix to relieve pain, but the aim of the healing is to help you understand, on a deeper level, the full context of your situation, your perceived problem, and most often to mirror your soul lessons involved. Your intention must be to wanting to understand your problem and to be healed, or we are just wasting our time and energy playing the game "I think I want to be healed, but I am not really sure".

The process of healing is one involving many levels of your existence, even if superficially your problem initially may "only" seem to be, for instance, of a physical nature. You have to embrace the complexity of a healing process fully. Essentially you are your own medicine. You are free, of course, to interrupt the distance healing treatment whenever you feel you have to, for whatever reason, whether it be out of escapism or just not being able to face yourself as the healing process progresses. I will not talk you into continuing the sessions, nor will I blame you for anything. You yourself is responsible for your attitude towards the help you will get, and have asked for.

I am only a tool in your healing process, offering my support and knowledge in the spirit of Oneness.

When I was born into this life, I had a conscious memory of being One with everything. This living insight made me realise early in life that I am never alone. How can you be alone, when you are in oneness with everything? Only later in life, when I began learning healing methods, I realised the reason why distant healing works so well for me, is because I already have this innate knowledge consciously in me, this knowledge of oneness. And this is why healing at a distance works, because we are all connected on the level where this healing is working.

Over the years I've been working at a distance in many different circumstances with VERY different clients, even animals. For instance, there was one client in a coma because of a traffic accident, and I helped this person to regain consciousness again. I contacted this person at a distance and found out there was a desire to live, but the coma was too deep for this person to come around, and I offered my support to enhance the stamina until consciousness was regained. Another case was a newborn, who was also in a coma. I could help this baby to gain strength to finally be able to want to live. In both these cases the root cause was to be found with the soul, and their soul lessons, which as a matter of fact almost always is the case.

A dog was lost on the other side of the planet, and I got in touch with the dog at a distance and helped it find its way back to where it lived.

Someone's aunt went missing, and I could at a distance see what had happened and the whereabouts of her body. She was found, eventhough this woman, who had gone over in spirit, actually didn't want her remains to be found, she adamantly told me as a spirit. It was a tricky and rather peculiar case, but it sure taught me alot.

There are times when I cannot help. And if I cannot help, I will tell you so. And the reason why I cannot always help is the one I have already mentioned, that sometimes I am not to interfere with certain individual processes or the soul lessons of others.

Sometimes I am indeed part of someone's soul lesson, or individual process, and the distance healing (or remote viewing) becomes a lesson for me too!

I also practise absolute word of secrecy. Nothing you communicate with me will be shared with a third part. I make use of encrypted e-mail, Protonmail, and chat, Telegram.

The distance healing can be performed wherever you are physically in the Universe, and all I need is your name, or a name. That is all I need to know.

Because of Oneness distance healing works. We are all already connected on a deeper level. As a soul, I was incarnated into this life with an innate knowledge of everything being One already at a young age. Because of this, distance healing has turned out to be the natural way for me to offer my fellow incarnated souls support in their healing processes and resolving problems.

I did have an older distant healing site until 2016, in case you happen to recognise me from somewhere. smile

Thank You!

P.S. "Shamans to the Rescue" by Paul Levy is highly recommended reading as an introduction to understanding the shamanic process in us all, and to understand the mindset of us individuals who at some point chose to consciously and actively walk the shamanic path to become shamans as our life calling, and how we go about our work. You can find the text in my blog, published with the permission of the author.

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