Living In The Now

[Wise words! I would like to add one important feature of Living: your lessons. Follow your heart to your lessons. Know them, study them, make friends with them, integrate them, show you understood your lessons by living your wisdom in action. And be always grateful. Thank You!]

Shaman Sayings
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~Sarina Michaels

Beloved relations,
There is a lot of teaching out there in the world about being present “in the now.” For those of you who have not heard that expression, it is part of a movement in the greater world which encourages people to understand that there really is no future, there really is no past. Everything is happening now. We only have now. To live a full life, the teaching is that we should try to experience every moment as mindfully as possible. By doing this we become more conscious of our real life which is not taken up with regretting or planning.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t keep a calendar or make plans, etc. It does not mean we don’t do the emotional work to heal from past hurts, etc. What it means is that we give ourselves fully in the moment to those tasks and then move to experience fully the next moment, as it occurs. We do not spend all of our time thinking about the past or the future and not experiencing what’s going on right now.

I would like to add a Shamanic dimension to this understanding. The Shamanic worldview holds that everything has spirit, is spirit. The Shamanic worldview teaches that we are all related, not just to all humans which are of one species, but to the four-legged, the six-legged, the crawlers, the swimmers, the winged, the rocks, the plants etc. Even the multi-dimensional and extra-terrestrial. And since all timelines are happening simultaneously - there is actually no such thing as linear time in the world of Spirit - we are all one, moment by moment.

Let’s become more mindful of the moment that we are in. Let’s join together moment by moment - in the now- to raise our vibration and to anchor Light and healing into Mother Earth and all who live within, upon and above. I propose we will be MORE effective, MORE powerful, and MORE likely to accomplish a tipping point in waking up the prisoners in this 3-D density. A’ho!

Happy New Year!

In Lak’ech honored ones!
Sarina Michaels
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31 Dec 2019