Knowledge Protects!

This is the third and last (?) part in my sequel on the interdimensional business going on here on Earth, which some of us are very well aware of from the experiences we have had in life, and some think is pure fantasies just because they themselves have no frames of reference.

To have a proper background to what I am now going to tell, it is an absolute must to have read part one, We Are Not "Alone"!, and part two, On Soul Programming.

I decided to give this third part the title "Knowledge Protects!", because what these interdimensionals are doing, they very much seem to be wanting to be doing without us being actively aware of it. Somehow many of us are aware, and do remember what we have experienced.

And this may be, because in our soul lessons we have come to study the part where it's time to become aware of exactly these things.

To continue from the soul program being removed in part two, where I wrote I knew when the programming happened, I will now give you the story of the occasion when I am almost certain that the program that was duly removed, was set.

In part one I mentioned that these beings hate attention, because they are after all Service To Self, and how after I helped my friend finding out why those Greys were harrassing her, exposing the lizard beings, I went from having my earlier-in-life positive experiences of interdimensionals, to not so positive experiences.

A couple of years passed after the "kitchen session" revealed lizard beings to be in charge of the Greys, using them for drones. It was night, when I abruptly woke up finding myself standing in a huge sized hall like room. I know I woke up, because that's exactly what it felt like. Also it was not a case of a hypnagogue sleep, where you wake up in a state in between being awake and asleep, experiencing a paralysis. I've had many of those in my life, and when they happened I was never standing, always lying in my bed, looking upwards, trying to move but couldn't.

Now I woke up standing, and realised I couldn't move. It felt like I didn't even have a physical body, but I was still fixed in place by something. I couldn't move my "head" (if I had one in that state), but could perceive other people standing in a long row to the right and to the left of me. I could see them in the corner of my "eyes".

At first the experience seemed more strange than unpleasant and I found myself wondering what the hell was going on, but not feeling frightened. Until I could perceive, still in the corner of my eye, but to the right of me, a lizard being - I somehow knew it was female - standing in front of the person a few people away from me in the line-up. Then I knew this was really a bad moment.

I noticed that nobody near me was moving. We all seemed equally fixed to the spot where we were.

I could see a movement from the lizard being, and a bright flash as she touched the person with something resembling a staff. After the flash, she moved on to the next person, drawing closer to me. When she came to the person standing right beside me, I could have a better look at that thing resembling a staff. I don't rememember anylonger what kind of colour it was, or if it was shiny or not. She simply pointed it towards the person so it seemed to "physically" get in touch with him or her. I could make out the gender of the lizard, but not of the people standing next to me. As the staff prodded the person there was a tremendous flash as a result. And somehow I knew it was some kind of testing, and that the person beside me failed that test.

Then she came to stand in front of me, and funnily I had seen her clearer before, than now that she was standing right in front of me. The vision of her being so close made her blurred. But the staff was there, and she prodded me with it just as she had done with the others.

I will never forget what happened next. In the same moment the staff was touching me, it was as if I exploded in atoms. As if I was disintegrated in the smallest units of the universe. And it was such a frightful experience to be feeling just like you instantly cease to exist, and in the next second all the pieces of you begin to fall into place again. There was a feeling of not existing, and all was light. And then I noticed I could both see that huge room where everybody was standing, and my bedroom at the same time. And I was now floating in the air above my bedroom as the other room was fading. I quickly entered my body, but there was an existential shock lingering after the disintegration of me that staff had been causing. Whatever its purpose, I had no idea of. Just the feeling that whatever it was, I had passed the "test", and my neighbour standing to the right didn't.

At least this was how I perceived it at the time.

In the bedroom there was a sticky electricity still noticeable, and I was still feeling terrified after the shock of being disintegrated.

And it was all a big mystery what I had just experienced.

It took me a few years before I actually read a similar account by someone on some UFO site. That person had no theory as to what had happened, but I recognised the details in the account.

But it took me until the deprogramming session I accounted for in part two above, to realise that what actually happened on that occasion was a soul programming with a purpose to control me as a soul.

And their favourite means of control is sexuality.

Because in hindsight I realised that after having been disintegrated by the lizard being, I became more homosexual and less bisexual, which I was before this event. There may have been other things to that programming too, I can't say for sure. But it sure wasn't anything positive.

I have over the years, ever since, been working a lot with myself on all levels, in different ways, and in different kind of therapies. What eventually helped me the most was when I began going to shamanic retreats for plant medicine therapies. That's when I really got to purge myself of all the stuff I needed to purge, and to "reset" myself.

And that's when I got to know about this soul programming, rid myself of it, in a way I never thought possible.

If you read part two, you already know about this.

What happened after the program was purged? Did I relapse into homosexuality again?

Well, I still had the memory of having been homosexual. But I didn't feel sexually attracted to men anylonger. In the first six months which followed, I had many dreams which on the surface seemed homoerotic, but they all turned out in practice to focus on love in an unconditional sense on the deeper level. It was as if I was reprogramming myself, from being sexually oriented in a physical sense, to becoming less concerned with the physical sexuality, changing focus and perspective. And this change became most obvious in the dreams I had.

I am still asexual, that hasn't changed. But heterosexually asexual. This also didn't change. And it's now been eight months since the purging of that soul program set by the lizard being.

And my focus seems to have turned even more towards unconditional love than on any other kind of love. Because, sometimes, I think to myself, what would happen if I met someone whom I'd fall in love with? Every time I end up realising it is of no importance to me. If it happens, well, then it happens. But it's nothing I'm planning on.

Life as an incarnate is truly fascinating in its lessons.

So, why "Knowledge Protects!"? Because it does. When you become aware of that which was previously unconscious, it also exerts less of an influence on you.

Negative powers, or dark powers, when exposed, lose their power over you. Initially they react by trying to frighten you into dependence mode again, giving you the illusion of them having you in their powers, and that you are being stuck with them forever. Thus trying to lull you into further sleep again, and sometimes even a much deeper sleep than before. One must be aware of that this is what is happening, and resist it, and keep to one's trajectory of evolving, until completely free, by counterbalancing, not counterattacking. Because if you attack your attackers, that's just what they want, to keep you in a loop where you waste your energy and to keep you from not evolving. And they feed off that in your dark aspect which you are not conscious of, and that which you won't acknowledge in yourself. Sexuality being an efficient tool of theirs to stall your expansion of being.

Particularly these powers are not very keen to have you looking closer at your own dark aspect as a soul. Because that's when you discover them.

That's also why it's of importance to be open and look at yourself from all angles, without bias. Which often is difficult without some help and support. Network, seek advice from people you trust, study the subject and learn how to purge yourself, and how to make the unconscious conscious in yourself.

Unless, of course, your current soul lessons are all within the dark spectrum, and demons are your best buddies.

Then what I have written here may seem quite meaningless to you.

It is, however, not for you I took the trouble of writing this, nor are you the reason why I share myself openly. ;-)

Thank You!

19 Jan 2020