Just Some Reflections Thought Out Aloud

Everyone is free to gather in secret societies. Without this right we would already have fallen into utter tyranny. Also it is an exercise of our God given Free Will to choose.

However, when secret societies plot to take control of society at large, to kill, to hurt, to limit and deliberately hamper the Free Will of others, to manipulate, to assassinate, to be in control - these are psychopathic properties, thus these societies are psychopathic in nature, causing karmic trauma, not only to themselves, as individual souls, but also to others.

Is that a proper use of Free Will? Is there such a thing as "proper" in this context? One could argue that these dark actions are the soul lessons of those who use their Free Will to be involved in such activities.

But is it OK, just because the action per se is a soul lesson, and done in the spirit of Free Will?

Of course not. We have our Free Will to use wisely, not to hurt, not to kill (Life is sacred!), not to manipulate. Free Will is to be used in wise balance with good intention. In other words, we are not to go against the good will of God aka The Universe aka The Cosmic Mind.

When we do go against that good will of God, we have in actual fact in that very instant turned not only against ourselves but all of creation. We have then become curious anomalies. Anomalies which must be corrected.

What atrocities are decided upon in secrecy, and taken action upon, are not contributing to cosmic harmony.

I can hear someone argue, "but this is a dual universe! We need good as well as evil!"

Do we? Who needs? Who says?

No wonder karma is such an important spiritual law. If we are causing disharmony, we must also face the direct consequencies of our actions on the spiritual level. We may only try to dodge these consequencies for so long. We are always, as independent consciousnesses, intertwined with all of existence in the Oneness of The Universe, thus personally responsible for whatever imbalance we are causing.

We are The Cosmic Mind correcting its own erratic behaviour.

There is no way around this, no matter who you believe you are, nor what rights you believe have been given you to act in whatever manner, you are not above the spiritual laws of The Universe.

Nobody is.

Thank You! 

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