My source of inspiration is Life, Spirit, You and All Living. Every living day is a source of inspiration, in many ways and on many levels of existence, whatever the lesson at hand may be.

In this page I will share food for thought and words of wisdom of others that I find worthwhile sharing. Also provocative writings, that may challenge the reader in some way. I am not by any means politically correct. I promote free thinking and expression of opinion.

I will also write down and share my own, personal, experiences from my many years - and lives - of living on Earth, but also Spirit World, universe (= Our Higher Self), people, animals, teacher plants and my shamanic practice, and give you my very own take on things visible and hidden, according to my knowledge and practical experience of all aspects of Life and Spirit.

Perhaps you will recognise yourself in this, or you may not. As well as you may enjoy it, or perhaps you may not. wink

Thank You!

Best Description Of Shamanism And Being A Shaman!?

25 Feb 2020

This text is like the blueprint description I would write myself to describe my own shamanic calling, practice and experiences. Very recommended reading in helping others understand the shamanic process (in us all!) and what it means to be a shaman! Original source of this text by Paul Levy found herePublished with the author's explicit [...]

"A Blessing For Anyone"

21 Jan 2020

Music by Michael Brunnock: Lyrics by Caitlin Johnstone - Words from Inspiration ( May all of your illusions be shattered beyond your ability to reassemble them.May you learn quickly from your failures and successes.May life treat you how you treat life.May you reap swiftly that which you sow, and may you learn something new.May [...]

Knowledge Protects!

19 Jan 2020

This is the third and last (?) part in my sequel on the interdimensional business going on here on Earth, which some of us are very well aware of from the experiences we have had in life, and some think is pure fantasies just because they themselves have no frames of reference. To have a [...]

Making The Unconscious Conscious

31 Dec 2019

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ― Carl Jung Artist: Mariusz Lewandowski  

Our Purpose In Life

31 Dec 2019

Living In The Now

31 Dec 2019

[Wise words! I would like to add one important feature of Living: your lessons. Follow your heart to your lessons. Know them, study them, make friends with them, integrate them, show you understood your lessons by living your wisdom in action. And be always grateful. Thank You!]Shaman Sayings42 minutt ·A SHAMANIC COMMENT ON LIVING IN [...]

Shamanism Is Not A Religion

31 Dec 2019

On Soul Programming

30 Dec 2019

It would be most beneficial if you read this part We Are Not "Alone" before reading this post. If you have now read the above link, let us proceed to this story.I enjoy taking part of what others share about their life experiences, thus I also have no problem sharing those of my own life. [...]

Shared Reflections From A Meditation

30 Dec 2019

I pronounced gratefulness for this moment in life, which is the only moment I have. I know of no other moment, than this moment. Then I could suddenly hear a distinct inner voice telling me: - "Every moment is your moment. It's entirely your life, and whatever moment there is, is yours, and yours only. [...]

A Shift In Perspective

30 Dec 2019

On Growth

22 Dec 2019

My reflection: Only the other day did I think exactly about this, how we evolve not only where we believe our consiousness to be, but on every level where we exist, and also coexist with others. And those levels are many, believe you me...

Winter Solstice

22 Dec 2019

Darkness Is Not The Enemy

22 Dec 2019

Copied from the Facebook group Shaman Sayings DID YOU KNOW?DARKNESS IS NOT THE ENEMY A seed germinates in darkness. A butterfly becomes itself in darkness. We dream during sleep with our eyes closed. Deep rest occurs in darkness. And so on. Darkness is not our adversary. In Celtic times, druidic times, the word black actually [...]

People Love As Much As They Are Able To

22 Nov 2019

"Teinke Klein was a Jewish surviver of the German Nazi Death camps. She harbored serious internal issues but when she died and went to the other side for some time she received freedom and love and answers to all her questions... “And suddenly I was ejected from my body and I wasn’t angry anymore,” she [...]

On Suffering

22 Nov 2019

What is joy without sorrow? What is success without failure? What is a win without a loss? What is health without illness? You have to experience each if you are to appreciate the other. There is always going to be suffering. It’s how you look at your suffering, how you deal with it, that will [...]

Soul Retrieval

16 Nov 2019

Good analysts and therapists can help us to recognize parts of ourselves we have repressed and denied. The shamanic concept of soul loss reaches further. It recognizes that soul healing is also about retrieving pieces of soul that have literally gone missing and need to be located and persuaded to return and take up residence [...]

On Organic Portals

14 Nov 2019

I didn't write this essay on the subject of Organic Portals myself, and unfortunately the original source is not known to me, other than that it was found in a Facebook group, Blue Rays of Archangel Michael. There really is a lot to be said on this topic, and from experiences in my own practice [...]

Don't Stop!

10 Nov 2019

By Serving Others I Too Learn

9 Nov 2019

I had a very intense and real dream earlier this year with a message that I have been mulling. I was in a university building sitting outside a classroom. Actually the dream was about something else entirely, but in the middle of the dream, a teacher comes out of the classroom I was sitting outside, [...]

On Compassion

8 Nov 2019

We Need Our Lessons

8 Nov 2019

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” - George Addair My personal reflection: these words above are interesting, because "want" has to do with the ego. Also fear is often connected with the ego. We are souls. We are not our egos. We are here to learn. The ego is just [...]

More Pause For Reflection

2 Nov 2019

Pause For Reflection

1 Nov 2019

On "Past" Lives

24 Oct 2019

Once upon a time in this life, in Russia, I had some of my first really intense paranormal experiences. In this story I won't go into those experiences though, other than giving you this short episode:It so happened to me that in 1988, while staying in the Russian countryside, in the house of friends, there [...]

Three people = Three Souls = Three Different Learning Paths

23 Oct 2019

It's All About Balance

23 Oct 2019

This not wanting to see the dark side of existence reflected in society, the belief that "if we only think positively and focus on the light, the brighter side of it all" then you do not need to take these dark aspects seriously, because then they most certainly will disintegrate and disappear all by themselves. [...]

Nothing Is Inherently Constant

22 Oct 2019

Just a reflection of mine: In one sense or other we're all colour blind in some area(s) of our lives. We think we see, but we don't. And we don't even know that we're blind, or that our vision is de facto impaired. We're happy being blind or having this impaired vision. Or we may [...]

Political Correctness - An Escape From Your Soul Lessons

20 Oct 2019

As little as I could, or even would want to, edit the politically incorrect from my own life, because the rawness of living is what made me learn something from my life, about myself, and thus also taught me to see existence and others without a filter, I do not think it is right to [...]

Lessons. Is. All. There. Is.

20 Oct 2019

I was casually glancing through comments to a music video somewhere on the Internet, when this comment made in the Russian, suddenly stood out: "Ты погружаешься в прекрасный мир и тебе до того хорошо, что забываешь обо всём и не хочется возвращаться в свою реальность. Спасибо!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Translation: "You are immersed in the beautiful world and [...]

Food For Thought

19 Oct 2019

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