Exposing The Dark Occult

I recently came across the website of Gigi Young, a Psychic Development teacher, and found some material which I am sharing for your reflection and thought.

Excerpt from Exposing the Dark Occult: The Pit Ritual - Gigi Young:

Beings in other densities align with us during ritual – well, in truth, we are always aligning with inter-dimensionals, we just don’t realize it. The beings that align with our consciousness during ritual are mirrors of our inner world. If one is channeling higher beings from the heart, ones awareness is naturally brought to the sky, or to light. We are drawn upward. This higher focus we hold within out being creates as ladder, or circuit, for higher beings to descend and connect with us. This is mirroring our own ascension process. It is important to understand that when we call in angelic beings, when we are seeking advice on how to find alignment, or when we ask how to heal and grow the over all motion and sensation is upward. We are reconnected, with the help of higher beings, to where our healed consciousness already exists. Through conscious spiritual ritual we are lifted, connected, inspired and made anew in our highest image.

Black magic is an inversion of this established, and natural phenomenon. When black magic is practiced symbols, techniques and traditions are taken and distorted, or inverted, for selfish ends. We see this in the black magick tradition of pit rituals. Which involves digging deep into the black heaviness of the ground rather than reaching up into a higher densities. They dig a pit because they are calling in lower beings. These beings are symbolized by darkness, and rising up from the ground, not descending from the sky.

This lower form of ritual is driven not by the desire to heal, or re-integrate with ones higher-self, but rather for control and power. Within the black magick system practitioners believe that they are gods rather than an aspect of God. Ironically, in the dark occult there is a lack of higher sensitivity and higher dimensional psychic awareness. One would think that this perception would be required to work with the unseen world, but it is not, ritual can be approached from the intellect at the expense of the Spirit. Symbols, techniques and wisdom that was once buzzing with raw spirit can be unknowingly distorted into a gross caricature by the ignorant. It is not a pleasant distinction to make, but if we truly want to understand spirituality, we will all at one point or another be drawn to this realization.

Energetically, the lower chakra system is the only aspect that these beings can connect with, this over activity and obsession with the lower chakras creates a pull for ones consciousness to become not more spiritual, but more material – more dense. This heaviness, this increase in material density represents a sense of downward gravity, a lowering of the self. This dynamic is deeply explored later in this series in this video. So, when it comes to our focus we are either drawn upward or drawn downward in our energy. In healthy ritual within an evolving consciousness one is drawn upwards to the point that they will eventually re-connect with even higher frequency aspects of themselves. This upward motion is the lightening and ascending of ones consciousness back into the higher self. In contrast, in black magick ritual and within a fear based consciousness, the energetic body is drawn downwards becoming heavier and denser. Over time if ones focus does not change they will lose access to the sensations and energy of their higher-self all together.

7 Feb 2021

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