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If you are looking for a conscientious professional, you have come to the right place.

I invite you to read more about me, my services, and my view on shamanism.

There is also a shamanic shop where I offer useful merchandise, like protection necklaces specially designed for Améká Shamanic Services, and Chaga mushroom picked by me. Over time more shamanic tools and products will be on offer. I only offer that which I myself find useful and beneficial, i e that which I can myself vouch for.

If you are a casual visitor, I will introduce myself straight away in a few words. If you are curious to know more, you are invited to browse the site.

I began learning healing from a Russian healer, Boris Aranovich, in the late 1990s. I soon discovered distant healing to be my strength, and since then I have been working as a distant healer, although I have done contact healing too. My stance to healing has always been a shamanic one. This means I prefer going to the root of a problem, not leaving any stone unturned. In the healing process, what is not known, must be known. And what is not visible, must show itself. The unconscious must become conscious.

I primarily deal with the anatomy and expression of the soul, a lot more than I do the body. To understand bodily and mental ailments, I turn to, and explore, the soul level of a client.

How was I initiated to become a shaman? In 2017 I was, quite unexpectedly, approached by the Spirit World. In that particular situation, I was informed that I was "in the realm of becoming a Shaman", and thus asked by a Shaman, who was in spirit, if I wanted to actively and consciously walk the Path of The Shaman with him as a guide and tutor. In some cultures this way of being chosen, approached and tutored by spirits, to become an initiated shaman, is called "shamanic illness".

I accepted the offer and went through some quite intense, but fruitful training. It was the kind of no-nonsense training where you must confront yourself inside out, where you have to confront and know your darkness as well as your light, to understand yourself first and foremost. When you understand who you are, you understand others. And when you understand your own context and your own soul lessons, you gain a better understanding of the universe, and everything's context. It is all really about activating knowledge you already have within you, but which you are not actively conscious about.

You always learn. Even when you teach, you learn. And I am still learning, learning about myself, my lessons and my shamanic path.

I was then initiated by my spirit shamanic teacher in a four-day-trial in February 2018, where I was also introduced to my first spirit animal collaborators, for protection and guidance in my shamanic practice. I also received my shamanic name, Améká. The name does not mean anything in particular. It is a sound reflection of me as an incarnated human being. I also have another shamanic name, which is a sound reflection of me as a soul. That name I cannot share.

I work according to Service To Others, as opposed to Service To Self. This means I cannot help everybody reaching out for help. I only help if asked. If I cannot help, I will tell you so. I do not do wishful thinking, spells or magick. To put it simply, I do not do service to the ego. If what you are going through is an important lesson for you as a soul, I am not allowed to interfere in that lesson, but I may be able to support you in understanding the lesson, helping you in the process of gaining a new perspective of what you are going through. I often take on the role of the Devil's Advocate.

My specialties are, beside distant healing, Life Path counselling in general and an extensive knowledge of demonic/negative forces.


Also I am still in the process of putting a final touch to this site and the shamanic shop, so bear with me for any inconveniences this may be causing you in your browsing experience. 

All photos in the site are showing the scenery of the neighbourhood where I live.

Thank You!

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